We are so flattered to be considered for your upcoming project! Due to demand and workload, we are only able to bring on clients that are looking for assistance in larger scale projects and phases.

  • New builds from ground up or furnishings only

  • Renovations – one floor, whole home or kitchen/bathroom remodel

Please review the FAQ & Budget Guide! If it’s a good fit, complete and submit the contact form below! We’ll set up a discovery call about your project and can quickly tell you rough costs of what you’re looking at and see if your timeline fits with ours, if the stars align, we’ll schedule a consult to meet at your home and get started!

FAQ & Budget Guide

Do you offer a one time consultation?

At this time we offer a free 20 minute discovery call! Prior to the call you’ll submit a few photos and we’ll briefly discuss the project scope and budget, if it’s a good fit, we’ll proceed with a design fee based on scope. Generally $1500 or a 10 hour package.

What is your fee to help me with my project?

We have an hourly rate of $150 per hour. We can do it all, but have a minimum project budget $20,000 per phase/space or 10 hour minimum.


How much is a typical kitchen remodel?

We ask our clients to consider a $60-$100K budget for a kitchen, the right way. While we love a good DIY, the kitchen isn’t the place for it. We end up correcting things after a short amount of time and we feel you are better off doing things the right way the first time.


How much is a bathroom remodel?

Depending on the size and needs, a refresh is typically $5-$15K and a gut can range from $15-$60K


What’s the turn around on furnishings these days?

The good old days of 4-6 weeks are long gone, we plan 6-9 months out for custom order furniture. It’s usually the first thing we make a decision on and get that cooking while we work through the rest of the project.


What should I expect for a remodel timeline?

Generally speaking we are 6 months out from beginning a remodel and the remodel itself takes 4-6 weeks. During the 6 month period, prior to the hammer being slung, is where we line up EVERYTHING and order EVERYTHING, so it’s all lined up and ready to install when the work begins.

Other example estimated budgets:

Home office with custom built ins $15K+

Basement refresh $40+

Basement finish $100K+

If you're ready to begin, please complete our project inquiry form. We look forward to working with you!