I was my parent’s interior designer at the early age of 10... I wasn’t any good, but damn did I have an opinion about any updates that were happening at my childhood home. Things haven’t changed, they’re just a little more confident in my opinions.

Early into design school, I accepted an intern position for an interior design firm in Minneapolis and my first day the junior designer gave her notice and I was told to get in the car, and was whisked away to my first design consultation with the principal designer. Over the next 20 years, I found myself exploring sub industries in design: new construction, renovation, high end furnishings and project management. Eye Candy was the dream of a little girl, who always wanted a pretty little shop, full of pretty things to look at. So in 2015, when the perfect little shop space opened up and some encouragement from friends and family, Eye Candy Refind opened it’s doors as a one of a kind, vintage and locally made furnishing and décor boutique. After 5 years, I was beginning to miss helping people in their homes.. So when our lease was up in our 8,000 square foot retail store in 2020, we took a pivot back to our smaller brick & mortar and focus on client projects and use our space as a design showroom for samples and office space.

With that, Welcome to Eye Candy Design, I am so glad you are here! What’s it like to work with us? I don’t just step into the role of “interior designer”, but I also truly advocate and be the decision maker for your family and your home, putting form and function at the forefront of my designs, but also create spaces that reflect who you are as a family and what you enjoy. I work hard on your behalf to make the process enjoyable and efficient and at the end of the project.. leave you smiling and with a big hug.